Hello ! 
  As you can see I am already listening ! 
     Tell me what's on your mind over a cup of coffee:
14 rue des taillandiers 75011 Paris 
or  give me a call : +33 6 73 48 84  09
or send me an e-mail : info@iannisg.com

You can call me Iannis by the way !
 I was born in 1987 in Strasbourg in the East of France. I went to school there, then university in Paris  and obtained a masters in Political Philosophy and Environmental Ethics in 2009. I continued for a semester at the University of Aegean in Lesvos in the Europen studies programme. Finally, I undertook a masters in Photography back in Paris and got to learn the ropes  by assisting a french photographer, Denis Rouvre. If you don’t know about him yet, you should definitely check out his work ! I’ve been working as a freelance photographer since 2015. What I love about this job is the ability to create a dramatic image out of a common moment. As if every instant had its intrinsic poetic potential waiting to be unveiled ! Concretely though I take portraits, because I love people ! 
And people also love me in return !  
These guys were my first fans : I won the first price at Pantio University and Unesco contest on « Human Rights in the city » 2010
In 2012: I won the price of honor of the « International Fine Art Photography Award » in the experimental single image section
In 2014: I was finalist of « bourse du Talent Portrait #58» for CODJI. I should have won the first price, though !  just kidding ! The winner  did an amazing work !  you should check it out as well. It's called « Songs of the Walés» by Patrick Willocq !
I also exhibited Codji in 2015 in Saint-Seurin  near Bordeaux, and in 2016 in the Voodoo Museum of Strasbourg.
Then I started working mainly for french weekly political magazines and also became a father in 2016.  Today I spend all my spare time in the countryside renovating a house and growing some healthy vegetables for my kid, so I've had to put the more personal creative projects on hold...
However this will change eventually ! 
Now that you know almost everything about me, 

Thank you!
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